Our Fees

We are a gym that is community focused. The way in which we all become friends, and a support network develops, cannot be explained here in words… you have to experience it.

We teach you how to do new, and often technical, movements safely. Our programs are constructed in house thoughtfully and intelligently for you. This environment is a unique combination of physical and mental development.

The costs below are the costs of investing in true physical performance, good health, new knowledge, reduced injury potential, and a supportive network of friends.

All prices quoted in Canadian funds. We accept Visa and Mastercard only online, and E-transfers to admin@squamishbarbell.com

CrossFit Foundations

Due to COVID-19 we are temporarily restricted in spacing, and our overall membership capacity. We are currently unable to offer group Foundations, but are doing our best to accommodate new athletes incrementally. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this phase of unclear time frames.

Availability for intake of those new to CrossFit or powerlifting is based on availability in our overall membership and classes. We are able to offer the introduction sessions as 4-6 private or semi private sessions. This will be determined based on technical experience and can be discussed with your coach. Please read Getting Started for more information.


  • 1 person $85/session
  • 2 people $70/session
  • 3 people $55/session
  • Contact us at info@squamishbarbell.com to inquire about availability and schedule your private or semi-private sessions.


  • 5 Session Pass: $90.00 + gst
  • 10 Session Pass: $160 + gst
  • 3 days/week (4 wks): $165 + gst
  • 1 Month Unlimited: $190 + gst
  • 3 Months: $540.00 + gst
  • 6 Months: $1020 + gst
  • Drop In (Due to COVID-19 not available at this time): $20.00 + gst
  • Teen (13-18) 1 Month Pass (for regular CrossFit classes): $155 + gst
  • Teen (13-18) 10 Session Pass (for regular CrossFit classes): $130 + gst
  • CrossFit Kids/Teen Lifters: These are semestered programs and vary in length. Contact us for info!

*** 1 and 3 month passes can be set up to “autorenew” to your CC

*** All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable and no passes can be put on hold for any reason

*** All passes activate on first day of use and will update the expiry date at that time

Private Training

For Non-Pass Holders

  • 1 athlete: $85.00/hr
  • 2 athletes: $70.00/hr/athlete
  • 3 athletes: $55.00/hr/athlete
  • Teen 13-17: $70.00/hr/athlete

For Squamish Barbell athletes holding a current pass

  • 1 athlete: $70.00/hr
  • 2 athletes: $55.00/hr/athlete
  • 3 athletes: $45.00/hr/athlete
Other numbers of people and time frames are available. Contact us for more pricing.

*** Prices do not include tax

Clinic Appointments


  • 60 minutes: $115 (includes GST)
  • 45 minutes: $95 (includes GST)
  • 30 minutes: $75 (includes GST)


  • First Visit (45 mins): $95
  • Subsequent 30 mins: $75
  • Subsequent 15 mins: $60

Registered Clinical Counselling

  • 50 Min Session: $126 (includes GST)

Interested in getting started with us?