AC100 Afterthoughts

I’m finding it hard to sit down and organize my thoughts; probably mostly due to the lingering sleep deprivation that I am feeling from the weekend. Now that it’s Wednesday some of the fog is starting to lift and I’m able to process a little more of what happened. Until today I was still in … Read more

Last Minute Thoughts

It’s been a long day in Wrightwood today… just waiting. We just sat through a hilarious pre-race meeting that rivaled some of the best wedding speeches gone on too long. There is NOTHING commercial or sponsor driven about this event; the race directors (WELL into their senior years) wearing US Forest Service outfits have been … Read more

thank you.

Yesterday’s Grand Opening was amazing. We woke up this morning and agreed that it was a huge success. It was great to see our friends who came out to support our new gym, and we met a ton of new people who confirmed that Squamish has a pretty amazing community. It actually felt like a … Read more


(believe it or not…this car just got MORE personality) We can now say with confidence that we will be ready to host CrossFit Squamish’s official Grand Opening on Saturday, October 17th from 3-7pm!! The details will follow so watch the blog for updates. What we can tell you for now is that there will be … Read more

Getting Closer…

Thankfully the weekend is over so we are able to tap into the Monday-Friday 9-5 type services again. Things really stand still over the weekend it seems. Today I was in Whistler working and Jesse spent the day dry walling the clinic room, the rubber mat flooring arrived (to those of you that have offered … Read more

48 hours later…

The last 48 hours have been reasonably eventful. Carl brought the equipment down from Jesse’s mama’s farm in the Okanagan where it has been living in Jesse’s childhood bedroom for the last 2 months. The clinic room got its lid, and the sound proofing insulation and door were installed. The bathroom got its 3rd and … Read more