Last Minute Thoughts

It’s been a long day in Wrightwood today… just waiting. We just sat through a hilarious pre-race meeting that rivaled some of the best wedding speeches gone on too long. There is NOTHING commercial or sponsor driven about this event; the race directors (WELL into their senior years) wearing US Forest Service outfits have been doing this for the past 25 years. A good portion of the briefing was them discussing/bickering about things that probably should have been discussed before the meeting. I have no doubt that this race is run phenomenally on course, it’s just not all that flashy on the surface. I like it. It has good character and suits this small town. Very different from last weekend’s event 😉

The final details of my race system have been worked out and I have the most amazing crew here supporting me. Jesse has delegated an important job to each person (e.g. Kathleen is in charge of sunscreen, body glide offerings, and a toothbrush ready at dusk!). I have had emails coming in all day with really encouraging words and thoughts, and I suddenly realize how much support I actually have behind me. It’s been a very solo adventure thus far but I feel VERY far from alone tomorrow. I plan on spending a lot of time thinking about the people in my life and appreciating people’s efforts and love. I live life amongst some really incredible people.

To those of you at home or elsewhere who are supporting me from there, please know that I appreciate you so much. I feel selfish for having so much attention. If you choose to follow along I hope you have fun with it. My goal is to have a lot of fun over those 30+ hours running (minus the times where I’m plotting my own accident to get out of having to keep going!). Do something fun this weekend and when you wake up Sunday morning send me positive vibes for my final push.

See you soon