Carrot Cake

(Carrot cake on the right… its non paleo neighbour to the left is a gelato cake) I’m always a little reluctant to call a dessert “paleo” or “good for you” out of principle that dessert is still dessert and is a treat regardless of how it is made…. that said, this carrot cake’s ingredients are … Read more

Chocolate Endurance Pudding

I have had variations of this at dinner parties where people enjoy making you guess what the delicious chocolate pudding is made of…. I have been playing around with substantial and creative foods to eat hours into my race. One of the goals at 8-10 hours or beyond is to get some fats in the … Read more

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

KJ and I were mourning the loss of amazing banana chocolate chip bread/muffins…. And then she made this recipe and they are AMAZING. They are moist and taste exactly like what you would expect their non-paleo flour counterpart to taste like. “2 cups grated sweet potato 3 bananas (the icky overripe ones actually work the … Read more