thank you.

Yesterday’s Grand Opening was amazing. We woke up this morning and agreed that it was a huge success. It was great to see our friends who came out to support our new gym, and we met a ton of new people who confirmed that Squamish has a pretty amazing community. It actually felt like a really successful birthday party: great turnout, BBQ, chocolate cupcakes…. and random bouts of high intensity exercise. It’s pretty funny to watch people socializing and then look over and see people by themselves doing handstands against the wall and toddlers practicing pullups…. that’s how we roll… i love it.

We saw 8 people go through Foundations 1 this weekend! Nice work you guys! If you are sore, get out and move, drink lots of water, and be proud that you’ve engaged some muscles that haven’t worked in a while! The next Foundations 1 is next Saturday at 10am. If it fills up, we will add more that day or on Sunday.

Now that we are officially open and ready to get into the thick of training with everyone, its time to extend our thanks to all of the people that have helped us along the way… this list is long, brace yourself.

Thank you…
-Families for supporting us… this was a big decision to go through with and we had nothing but encouragement.
-Carlos for helping sort out the lease, and re-sort out the lease, and finalize the lease…
-Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) and Lisa for spending time with us while on a flight delay on the way home from a course in Dallas, and encouraging us to follow through with our plans and reminding us that the training is all that matters.
-Cal, Bobby and the Sea to Sky Courier boys for picking up 6000 pounds of rubber for us and dropping it off in the gym.
-Andrew..for a millions things, most notably our pullup bars
-John for organizing all sorts of trades people for us and allowing us to stay on track
-Al and Gary for drywall, building, plumbing and just generally getting it all done fast!
-Arjun for making time to do our electrical (you guys are high demand)
-Mojo Signs for our exterior and car details
-Marco in the Artista cafe for providing the stimulus when we ran out of our own (or needed a kick start in the morning)
-Justin Ormiston at Ormiston Ink for designing our logo
-Jocelyn Mandryk for designing our amazing website, business cards and stickers
-Matt Magi for programming our amazing website very very quickly!
-Brendan Ralfs for editing all our website and general moral support
-Jordan and all our friends at CrossFit Whistler for supporting us from the absolute beginning until now
-Ashley for making us our wooden “bumper plates” and doing stuff in the gym that she should have been payed to do…and being in the #1 viewed pic in our gallery eating a donut with me!
-Nils, Walton and Dobsworth for a solid day of manual labour (on Nils birthday!)
-Mads, Richard, Shannon and Susan for…”work”. every bit helps 😉
-Jay and Mike for being super keen to help for a day when the days started to get long for us.
-Mama and Carl for supplying us with a hand delivery of ALL the equipment, a deep freeze full of food, and a crockpot full of cooking stew!
-Lori McGee for being so understanding of all the changes and uncertainties… the unconditional support really helps!
-Susan and Mads for being my (Heather) moral support this summer in the endless ups and downs.
-Cousin Joe for lending us all sorts of equipment and advice to make it all happen more efficiently
-All of my clients in Whistler who have been so supportive with all the changes.
-Fern, Julie, Rene, Colleen and Troy (the original dedicated Squamish CrossFitters) for welcoming us into Squamish
-Rafi in Vancouver for keeping the little volkswagen running like a dream (it has arguably worked the hardest of all)
-Matt, Mel, Steve, Susan and Mads for helping us move EVERTHING from Whistler to Squamish
-Marie for being one step ahead of us on the “starting a business” agenda and softening the blows of all the things that “just pop up” in the process
-Gerard for supplying us with meat for our opening BBQ
-Phil (Creekside Dental) for supplying us with water
-Jen Ryan for bringing us cupcakes (FYI Jesse and I each had 3)
-Nas and Walton for helping prep and manage food stuff for the BBQ
-Amber and James for lending us the worlds largest BBQ and Cooler
-Soraya for spending HOURS BBQing for us!
-Geoff and Pete from CrossFit Van for showing up and helping us further connect the CrossFit community
-And basically everyone that showed up yesterday (or tried to and couldn’t but got in touch anyways) and made us feel extremely proud of what we have done.

If you have just read through this whole list and are thinking to yourself “what the @#&*)$^#@, why didn’t I get mentioned?”, we cannot apologize enough for forgetting you. That was a really hard list to write and please know that whatever it was that you did for us was greatly appreciated. Feel free to post your disgruntlement to comments. seriously.

And now the training begins…..

Heather & Jesse