What the Frick is Taking so Long?

Well, I’ll tell you… Originally we were hoping to open this weekend just gone by, now we’re planning for our grand opening on the 17th with a “soft opening” in the week leading up to that. The day that I left Rapattack this year Heather forwarded me an email from the building inspector stating that we would have to sheet (with drywall) all the walls and ceiling. I roughly calculated about 5000 sq. ft. of area to be finished. This tied up our building permit and our ability to move forward for a little over a week. Luckily, and thanks to an email from the architect, this was resolved and the area didn’t have to be sheeted. But it did get us thinking, and we decided to sheet the walls up to 12 feet. Heather’s clinic space has taken it’s time but is now primed and looking good with a great feel to it (most of the time was spent mudding and taping, then fixing the mud and tape, then getting help to fix the mud and tape). The welder has now put about 50-60 hours of work into the custom pull-up bars. Heather and I went to the shop to look at them two days ago, and we were very impressed. They should go up on Thursday. The 6000 pounds of rubber arrived last Tuesday and will be one of the last things to happen along with equipment set up. Currently we are sanding and priming the main walls, finishing all the “office furniture” I built (benches, desk, shelving, and of course “the armory”), building paralettes and some other specialty equipment, waiting on our sign/ business cards/stickers, updating the website, and planning for the next four days. So far Heather and I have done every task to the best of our ability, and haven’t accepted anything other than perfect (this included scrapping the leader boards and starting over). We are fired up with what is being created in the space, and when we open the doors the wait will have been well worth it. Giddi up.

We are putting in some pretty long days….