48 hours later…

The last 48 hours have been reasonably eventful. Carl brought the equipment down from Jesse’s mama’s farm in the Okanagan where it has been living in Jesse’s childhood bedroom for the last 2 months. The clinic room got its lid, and the sound proofing insulation and door were installed. The bathroom got its 3rd and final coat of paint (that’s what you get for choosing red). Ashley and Susan both came by on Friday night and helped with all sorts of random tasks (Ashley sanded and stained…and Susan helped me with…well…they were two person jobs right Susan?). The leader boards got another coat of primer. Richard, Mads and Shannon came by today and helped paint the 10ft wallball target and Shannon helped choose the paint for the clinic room.

All in all, very productive, and we actually left the gym before dark tonight.


Thanks you guys, it all helps and its nice to have the company around.
More to come…

Have a good weekend