Carrot Cake

(Carrot cake on the right… its non paleo neighbour to the left is a gelato cake) I’m always a little reluctant to call a dessert “paleo” or “good for you” out of principle that dessert is still dessert and is a treat regardless of how it is made…. that said, this carrot cake’s ingredients are … Read more

Beet “Ravioli”

Alison whipped these out of nowhere the other evening when I thought she had just gone inside to make another margarita…. They are the kind of appy that you feel like you should eat slowly and be polite about not taking the last one since they look so delicate… but then you are so relieved … Read more

AC100 Afterthoughts

I’m finding it hard to sit down and organize my thoughts; probably mostly due to the lingering sleep deprivation that I am feeling from the weekend. Now that it’s Wednesday some of the fog is starting to lift and I’m able to process a little more of what happened. Until today I was still in … Read more

Last Minute Thoughts

It’s been a long day in Wrightwood today… just waiting. We just sat through a hilarious pre-race meeting that rivaled some of the best wedding speeches gone on too long. There is NOTHING commercial or sponsor driven about this event; the race directors (WELL into their senior years) wearing US Forest Service outfits have been … Read more

Chocolate Endurance Pudding

I have had variations of this at dinner parties where people enjoy making you guess what the delicious chocolate pudding is made of…. I have been playing around with substantial and creative foods to eat hours into my race. One of the goals at 8-10 hours or beyond is to get some fats in the … Read more

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

KJ and I were mourning the loss of amazing banana chocolate chip bread/muffins…. And then she made this recipe and they are AMAZING. They are moist and taste exactly like what you would expect their non-paleo flour counterpart to taste like. “2 cups grated sweet potato 3 bananas (the icky overripe ones actually work the … Read more